magical storytime

Penwizard provide personalised children's books for some of the world’s biggest toy and entertainment brands, including Lego, Dreamworks and Pepper Pig. They rely on an exceptionally robust and user-friendly website to guide customers through a customisation process.

When Penwizard asked us to be their development partner, and ensure that their move to the Magento 2 Platform was a smooth one, we were able to hit the ground running.

user experience
e-commerce development
personalisation api




Our first task was to create a strategic project plan for all future development changes needed, taking into account the ongoing need for round-the-clock support and development. Given the nature of the business downtime was not an option, nor was any reduction in the speed or functionality of the website.

Our previous experience on complex Magento 2 builds informed our approach, leading us to create a hierarchy of all the development changes and create a detailed plan and release strategy. The aim being to avoid as much disruption of the live site as possible.

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