BrightOffice are a well established SaaS (Software as a Service) company providing cloud, enterprise software solutions. They help various high profile clients across the financial, training and case management. We helped BrightOffice grow their client base with a new digital marketing approach.

BrightOffice work with different clients across sectors who all share one thing in common: people. This means they understand the importance of clear and uncomplicated messaging to inform and persuade. We developed a tone of voice that would engage all potential clients, but still have enough flex to appeal to their different purchasing habits.

brand development
email design
analytic tools


digital marketing strategy

We wanted to give BrightOffice the ability to speak to prospective clients on their terms, with a visual and verbal language that engaged and inspired action. Shortly after the campaigns went live for BrightOffice, there was a huge increase in engagement and enquiry rates which supported the new identity development.

modern email
analytics tools

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